"Thanks for all your support - especially with the shoulder...appreciate you so much."  Joyce Korver

" I started Bone Builder class in Jan of 2011. My doctor had been pressing me to take ‘osteo’ drugs for bone loss. I was at moderate risk for fracture (isn’t everyone?)  My bone density test in the spring of 2012 shows over 2% increase in hip density. Doing this for myself is a no-brainer and Bettie keeps it simple, adjusting exercises for the individual capability. Her Stretch and Strength classes are fun and challenging at the same time. I am looking forward to her Cardio Boot Camp over the summer." Chris Piuni, Almost a legal senior

"After overcoming my fear of the unknown, I was delighted to find that Bettie's exercise class [Hi/Lo Adult Fitness] was more than I had hoped for. Being encouraged to set my own pace allowed me to fully enjoy exercising to great music. The mix of aerobic and strength segments provided good variety. With a history of trouble with my lower back, learning how to protect my back when lifting gave me new confidence in that regard. Improved strength and balance also boosted my self-confidence. My only regret was that the class was not longer. Out of five, this class gets all five gold stars, in my opinion." Russ Simon

"Bettie’s drop-in bootcamp class at the Ryerson Rec Centre forever changed my opinion of what getting in shape could be like. I have never been the athletic type. I was always terrible at sports growing up, and was reluctant to try any new fitness activities after encountering fitness instructors who were focused on weight loss messaging, or who assumed you already had fitness knowledge and skills. A friend said I should try Bettie’s class, and it was totally different. Bettie always pays attention to individual needs, goals and fitness levels, even in a classroom environment. I loved her class so much, I went twice a week for two years, until I moved away. In that time, I significantly increased my endurance, decreased my overall levels of stress and anxiety, and improved my core strength, leading to an elimination of back pain which had at times been a struggle. All of this was possible because of Bettie’s constant encouragement, individual attention, excellent communication skills, great sense of humour, impressive fitness knowledge and ability to make working out both fun and suitable for every fitness level. Bettie truly goes the extra mile, respects the people she works with, and always has a smile on her face. I highly recommend Bettie as as a fitness instructor or personal trainer!
- PhebeAnn Wolframe

.  I also want to share with you that I have improved my bone density....to the point of not having ostopenia.  So, I will probably come back to class in the fall.so that I ensure my continued success and keep from taking medication. Kathy R.


 I'm really enjoying the class and definitely starting to see progress...never thought I'd say that again about a weights class!  Lisa I.